Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (2024)

Welcome to Microsoft Build 2024! Whether you’ll be joining us live in Seattle or online, get a look at how Microsoft AI innovations can help you unlock opportunities and drive productivity.

Microsoft SharePoint is the platform trusted by countless organizations for storing, managing, and sharing content. In the face of growing content repositories, how do you ensure you’re getting answers based on the most accurate information? How can you share that knowledge with others without overwhelming them? The answer lies in harnessing the power of AI to refine workflows and foster collaboration that's tailored for your team or organization. This allows you to concentrate on actual work rather than sifting through content to find what you need to accomplish your tasks.

We’re excited to introduce the ability for anyone to create custom copilots from SharePoint. In just a few clicks, you— whether an admin or business user— can create and share a copilot from SharePoint that's grounded in the curated, authoritative content you choose. Since you rarely work alone, you can also easily share your copilots with others in Teams chat, email, and more. It’s like a subject matter expert ready to help you, your team, department, or even the whole company while respecting all your existing security settings and permissions.

Every SharePoint site comes with a copilot

Site owners can enable any site to get a built-in copilot, scoped to the content of that site. This copilot is a new way for users to interact with the content on the site and can be shared to other Microsoft 365 apps and experiences.

Imagine you’re on the Marketing team, which has a SharePoint site that stores all the materials for an upcoming product launch— content such as demo videos, spec sheets, pitch decks, and press releases. This copilot for the site gives organizations or groups, like yours, specific and trustworthy responses to questions like, “what is the final decision on the product launch date?”. Because the copilot is scoped to the content of this site, you’ll get the latest, most accurate answer about the project based on your permissions.

If the copilot’s default scope doesn’t work for your site, you— as the site owner— can customize this copilot by changing the content, identity and behavior. You can also choose a copilot that you’ve created through Microsoft Copilot Studio or Visual Studio to be the default copilot for this site.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (1)

Built-in custom copilot for this site

Anyone can create copilots from SharePoint in a few clicks

Beyond only site owner or admins, anyone who has edit permissions on a site (such as a site member) can create a copilot for the site with a few clicks, no coding skills required.

Creating a custom copilot from SharePoint is a simple starting point for users looking to use AI tools to efficiently collaborate for a particular purpose, such as a specific project or topic, or users that want to spend less time looking for information, and more time focused on more meaningful work at hand.

Continuing the scenario above with the marketing site for the product launch, a cross-functional team of 20 people across marketing and engineering are working together with you to launch a new product. You are collaborating together via this SharePoint site that has a document library with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (2)

Create a custom copilot from a file selection

As a member of this site, select "Create a copilot" and choose the folders or files that you want your copilot scoped to. The copilot will reason over only this content when providing responses.

You can start using this copilot immediately or make lightweight customizations, such as adjusting the identity, sources, and behavior of the copilot.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (3)

Custom copilot is pre-populated with information from the file/folder selection

The copilot has a default folder name, branding, description, sources you’ve selected, and other fields already. You can keep these fields and parameters as-is, or easily update them.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (4)

Customize the identity with a name change

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (5)

Customize the grounding knowledge

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (6)

Customize the behavior

This newly created custom copilot is now ready to use. It can answer your questions, summarize information, or find files, all based on the selected, authoritative content to give the most current and accurate response available. If you need deeper customizations for your copilot or to automate workflows, launch Copilot Studio directly from SharePoint.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (7)

Custom copilot with customized name, sources and start prompts

Share your custom copilot with the team

While you can use custom copilots on your own, they’re also shareable with your team, so you can interact with and learn from the same authoritative sources of information.There are a few ways to collaborate and share knowledge using these copilots. With the copilot that will be part of every SharePoint site, these are automatically scoped to the site content. You and your teammates can ask questions in the sidebar chat interface as soon as you visit the site.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (8)

Use the copilot on the SharePoint site

You can easily share this built-in copilot and your own custom copilots with others in the same way you would share a link to content in SharePoint by selecting “Share”.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (9)

Share the copilot

Just like other Microsoft 365 productivity apps, you can select “Copy link” and drop the link to team members in an email or select “Invite” to have an email auto-sent to them. The recipient can open the copilot in SharePoint.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (10)

Copy link or Invite to share

For real-time group collaboration, you can also easily share copilots in Microsoft Teams. You'll take the same copied link and paste it in a Teams chat, and the copilot becomes part of the chat.

For example, you can share the custom copilot with your core launch team in a Teams group chat, where everyone already interacts with one another in the thread. Your teammate can ask the copilot in this chat, “What is the list of contacts?” This ensures that we can all, together, get up to speed quickly on the latest details of the product launch.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (11)

Drop the link in chat to collaborate with your team

The custom copilot follows existing SharePoint user permissions, so it’s accessible by those who are already permissioned and there’s no risk of oversharing information.

You will also be able to use your custom copilots or ones shared with you in Microsoft Copilot, as they will appear with your recently used copilot extensions.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (12)

ReleCloud Delivery Drone copilot could be used in Microsoft Copilot

Integration with Microsoft Copilot Studio

If you need to expand the content that this copilot is grounded on beyond SharePoint, you can add additional data sources in Copilot Studio with over 1,000 different data connectors. For example, if the launch team needs to add a structured database that maintains customer leads, they can add this source. You can also add actions to automate workflows, such as updating customer lead records and notifying human agents on promising leads.

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (13)

Tap "Add advanced customization in Copilot Studio" to launch Copilot Studio

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (14)

Continue customization in Copilot Studio

When these advanced customizations are ready, you can publish via Copilot Studio, as usual, so the updated copilot is available across SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft Copilot for your organization.

Next steps

We can't wait to see the custom copilots our incredible SharePoint user base will create! Everyone will now be empowered to create, use, and share copilots for better collaboration and knowledge sharing —always with the trusted Microsoft governance capabilities you already have.

Sign up for the private preview today and stay tuned for the public preview coming later this year.

Don't miss us this week at Microsoft Build in Seattle and online, May 21-23, 2024, to learn more and chat about creating copilots from SharePoint and other AI innovations we're bringing to our maker community.

KEY01: Opening keynote with Satya Nadella, Kevin Scott, Rajesh Jha, and me.
BRK144: Integrating your bots and Copilot experiences natively into SharePoint and Viva Connections
BRK210: What’s new with Microsoft Copilot Studio
• Expert Meet-up station (Expo Hall, in-person only)

Microsoft Build 2024: Create custom copilots from SharePoint (2024)


How to create a custom copilot? ›

Go to the Microsoft Copilot Studio home page. Create a copilot. There are many ways to create a copilot but, for this quickstart, you might open the Copilots page, select + New copilot, and then select Skip to configure.

How do I open Copilot Studio? ›

Start by launching the Copilot Studio app in Teams: Go to the Teams app store and search for Power Virtual Agents. Select Add or Open, if you already added it, for the Power Virtual Agents app. All Power Virtual Agents names will soon be renamed to Microsoft Copilot Studio.

How to use Microsoft Copilot? ›

See Example prompts to try with Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat.
  1. Open the Microsoft 365 (Office) app on your mobile device. ...
  2. Sign in using your work or school account for Microsoft 365.
  3. Select Copilot .
  4. Try a suggested prompt, or type your own prompt to get started.

What is copilot in Windows 11? ›

What is Copilot in Windows? Finding unexpected ideas. Summarising long articles. Providing suggestions for better writing. Those are just a few of the ways Copilot in Windows can help support your creative process – and it can also automate tasks to help you get things done faster.

How to create a custom Copilot GPT? ›

Create a Copilot GPT with Copilot GPT Builder

The Copilot GPT Builder page opens. Select Create a new Copilot GPT. Copilot GPT Builder opens on the Create tab. In the Message Copilot GPT Builder field, type instructions for Copilot GPT Builder.

Does Microsoft Copilot have custom GPTs? ›

If you have a Copilot Pro subscription, you can use Copilot GPT Builder to create, edit, and publish customized Copilot GPTs.

How to integrate Copilot with SharePoint? ›

How can I deploy the component on my SharePoint site?
  1. Set up the app registration configurations required for SSO.
  2. Set up a Generative Answers node for your copilot, over a SharePoint or OneDrive data source.
  3. Build the SPFx component from scratch and bind it to your copilot.
Feb 12, 2024

Is Copilot Studio included in Microsoft 365? ›

Copilot Studio (Extend a Microsoft Copilot) $30.00 user/month with an annual subscription Office 365/Microsoft 365 users who are additionally licensed with Copilot for Microsoft 365 ($30 per user per month) may use Copilot Studio in Copilot for Microsoft 365 to create plugins to customize Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Can I use Microsoft Copilot for free? ›

Copilot helps you find the right information, create unique content, and get things done faster. To use the free version of Copilot, visit

Is Copilot free with Microsoft 365? ›

The 365 Plan. So, is Microsoft Copilot free for business users? No, but you do get a lot more functionality. The Copilot for Microsoft 365 plan costs $30 per user per month, or you can purchase the plan for $360 per year.

Is Microsoft Copilot available now? ›

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is already generally available for enterprise customers since November 1, 2023. For educational staff, it is available from January 1, 2024, and for students aged 18 and above from May 15, 2024. For Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers, Copilot Pro is purchasable.

How do I add Copilot to Windows 11? ›

To get to the correct settings screen, open Windows Settings, navigate to the Personalization tab in the left-hand navigation bar and then select Taskbar from the list of items. Toggle the switch to the “on” position, and the new Windows Copilot icon will be added to the Windows 11 taskbar (Figure B).

How do I get Copilot on my computer? ›

To get the Copilot button on your Windows 11 taskbar, open the 'Settings' app on your PC and from the left pane, click on 'Personalisation'. Now, on the screen that appears on the left, click on 'Taskbar' and turn on the toggle named 'Copilot (Preview)'.

How to download Windows Copilot? ›

As mentioned, there is no specific download. If you are using Windows 11 you need to be on at least 23H2 and you should see the copilot (pre) icon in your task bar, if you don't in the windows update of settings make sure you have the 'Get the latest update when available' toggled on.

How to customize GitHub Copilot? ›

To configure GitHub Copilot, open Vim/Neovim and enter the following command. Enable GitHub Copilot in your Vim/Neovim configuration, or with the Vim/Neovim command.

How to create a Copilot chatbot? ›

Create your website chatbot in 4 Steps
  1. Connect your data sources. Connect, upload files, or add a website for crawling.
  2. Let AI train on your data sources. Your Copilot will use all your data sources to train itself.
  3. Customise your. Copilot. Customise your Copilot to your website colors and branding.
  4. Deploy wherever. you want.

How do I make a Copilot in GitHub? ›

Signing up for GitHub Copilot for your personal account
  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Your Copilot.
  2. On the GitHub Copilot settings page, click Start free trial.
  3. Choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly, and click Get access to GitHub Copilot.

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